Our Favorite Thanksgiving Desserts

Pumpkin Pie takes the forefront at Thanksgiving in our house – well because – Pie. Especially the Pam Anderson Pumpkin Pie. It’s tradition. I don’t have a problem tossing another dessert in now and then, though. Especially if it’s pie, or if it’s chocolate or maybe even if it’s just seasonal!  Read More

12 Days of Turkey – Turkey Leftovers (Or Chicken)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope it was wonderful, that you overate and were surrounded by loved ones (even if they’re annoying.) And I hope you had help with the dishes. Now I’m gonna help with leftovers, and these ideas work equally well with your Turkey or Chicken Leftovers, although this post is really geared towards your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers or any holiday turkey leftovers.

Home-made Turkey Ramen from leftover turkey

Turkey Ramen – and thanks to my son’s lovely girlfriend for hand modeling! Thanks, Tweetie!

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