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McMullan’s Irish Nachos

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!! I’ve actually been cooking Irish recipes all week, but the standout is these potato nachos, in the style of McMullen’s Pub, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. So there’s the name:  McMullan’s Irish Nachos. These are crispy, crunchy homemade potato chips loaded with cheese, crisped corned beef or other protein of choice, and pickled jalapenos. And sour cream, if you don’t forget to add it like I did before I took pics!

McMullan's Irish Nachos, loaded with 2 cheeses and corned beef, topped with pickled jalapenos & sour cream
McMullan’s Irish Nachos, loaded with 2 cheeses and corned beef, topped with pickled jalapenos & sour cream
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Easy Taco Skillet Dinner

Easy Taco Skillet Dinner - Serve as is or tuck it into Tacos or Burritos. Quick, too.

Some of you might remember I made a one pan Porcupine Skillet Dinner a few weeks ago. It was surprisingly good. It inspired me to see if I could do the same thing with a Mexican style meal. And so my Easy Taco Skillet Dinner was born.

Easy Taco Skillet Dinner
Easy Taco Skillet Dinner

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Bob Armstrong Chile con Queso

Possibly the best dip or app I've ever eaten. Guac, queso, salsa, sour cream and hiding underneath? A layer of spicy ground beef picadillo!

We seem to be having Cinco de Mayo week rather than just a day here at the Frugal household! Really, the three previous posts are all leading up to this very special recipe, Bob Armstrong’s Chile con Queso. What can I say? This is a masterpiece. I wish I could have gotten this recipe to you before the holiday, but make it anytime or pin it for later!

Bob Armstrong Chile con Queso

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Enchiladas con Pollo

Enchiladas con Pollo: No cream of soup! Easy home-made sour cream & green chili sauce.

Years and years ago my sister gave me a cookbook called Women of Great Taste from the Junior League of Wichita, Kansas. It wasn’t a big cookbook, but I used it a LOT. Their Enchiladas con Pollo became a family favorite. Talk about cheesy creamy deliciousness!

Enchiladas con Pollo with a Green Chile Sour Cream Sauce

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Chile Rellanos

Chile Rellanos have always topped my list of favorite Mexican/South Western type meals. A mild poblano, artfully stuffed with a mixture of cheeses, dipped in an egg white batter and served over a bed of sweet/sour sauce is something I crave to this day.

Chile Rellanos, Old Fashioned
Chile Rellanos, Old Fashioned

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