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Shortcut Chicken Fajitas

Do you guys want an easy, 20-minute Shortcut Chicken Fajitas recipe? One that starts with cooked chicken so you can have it on the table fast, fast, fast? A recipe that lets you use chicken cooked ahead for meal prep or any leftover or rotisserie chicken you have?

Shortcut Chicken Fajitas & Cilantro Lime Rice.
Shortcut Chicken Fajitas & Cilantro Lime Rice
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Home-made Fajita Seasoning

Last week when I made my Simple Steak Tacos, I mentioned I used Fajita seasoning to spice things up a bit. Actually I said I used my Home-made Fajita Seasoning. It’s super simple to make and you’ve probably got just about everything on hand to toss it together.

Home-made Fajita Seasoning
Home-made Fajita Seasoning

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Simple Steak Tacos

Yet again, I’ve been stuck with leftover steak, people! I know many of you never have that problem; “What leftover steak?” you’d say! And others might not have an issue with a little extra steak in the fridge! But leftover steak has always stumped me just a bit – it seems to sit there and say “I’ll never be as good as the first night.” Well, that’s what I thought until recently, anyway.

Steak Tacos
Steak Tacos

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