Instant Pot Cauliflower Rice

Instant Pot Cauliflower Rice Mash in Pan

Are you looking for a super-fast, super easy no hassle and no mess way to make Cauliflower Rice? Do you have an Instant Pot? Well, then this one is for you, an easy one-pot mash in the pan Instant Pot Cauliflower Rice. I’ve always loved cauliflower, so it stands to reason it was no huge hardship to start subbing in cauliflower rice for plain old rice in some of my meals. I like it plain, especially with Indian Food, like my Easy Shrimp in Curry Sauce pictured here and cauliflower rice is fantastic with a little Parmesan tossed in. I can actually eat cauliflower rice just as is, for a meal. Maybe with a touch of butter.

Easy Shrimp in Curry Sauce

Easy Shrimp in Curry Sauce with Cauliflower Rice

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