Marion Cunningham’s Overnight Waffles (Belgian)

Remember International Waffle day a few days ago? If you haven’t seen the post on Marion Cunningham’s Waffles, take a peek. Wonderful waffles, I’m sure, in a standard Waffle iron, but not so good as Belgian Waffles. I simply had to revisit that recipe and make them one more time with my suggested modifications – and here they are, in all their glory, adapted.

Marion Cunningham's Waffles adapted for Belgium Style

Marion Cunningham’s Waffles adapted for Belgian Style

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Marion Cunningham’s Overnight Yeasted Waffles

Today’s a special day, a holiday! It’s international Waffle Day! I’m somewhat of a Waffle aficionado, something few people know. That’s because I’m always watching carbs and seldom eat lots at a time anymore and well, waffles are a bit of a pain to make. Not that a good, home-made waffle isn’t worth it. I’d sooner shoot myself as eat an Eggo or a waffle at some mediocre pancake house. No, this is one item that should be made at home.

Marion Cunningham's Waffles

Marion Cunningham’s Waffles

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