Sparrow Tavern's Veggie Burger

Sparrow Tavern’s Veggie Burger . $3.75 for 8

These Veggie Burgers are amazing!! A bit of work but totally worth it!

Diners, Drive Ins & Dives is on Netflix this season and this episode features the Sparrow Tavern in Astoria, New York – a run down rock & roll type bar with gourmet style. One of their star items was the Sparrow Veggie Burger and even the carnivores were going on about it. After I made them, I can see why – they’re flippin’ AWESOME! A bit of work, but the best Veggie Burger I’ve ever had!

Sparrow Tavern Veggie Burger

Sparrow Tavern Veggie Burger – early version, I fixed the “cracking” flaw.

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