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Gingersnap Cookies - these are the crispy ones! Old Fashioned but will win your heart!

I remember baking Gingersnap Cookies with my Mom. Kneeling on a chair at the kitchen table, it was always the job of us kids to take a glass (and the one we used had a little design on the bottom – it might have been one of Mom’s crystal glasses) dip it in sugar and gently press the cookies before baking.

Gingersnap Cookies - perfect for the Holiday.
Gingersnap Cookies – perfect for the Holiday.

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Miracle Goop Pan Release

I dutifully save my butter wrappers in the freezer for when I want to quickly grease a pan for a cake, but sometimes you just need more. You need to grease and flour. Heck, for some cakes you’ll grease, add parchment, then grease and flour!

Miracle Goop Pan Release
Miracle Goop Pan Release

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