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Black-Eyed Peas Stove Top, Instant Pot or Slow Cooker

Black-Eyed Peas Instant Pot, Slow Cooker or Stove-Top

I recently posted a Black-Eyed Pea & Rice Salad (I loooove that salad!) so I thought today would be a great day to talk about Black-Eyed Peas, how to shop for them and how to cook them. Advertisements


Black-Eyed Pea & Rice Salad

Black Eyed Pea & Rice Salad made with Cilantro Lime Rice Instant Pot or Stove Top Chipotle Copycat

When was the last time you had Black-Eyed Peas? And how about the last time you had Black-Eyed Pea & Rice Salad? If you only think about Black-Eyed Peas on New Years (they’re lucky) or as the strange little bean in Cowboy… Read More

Traditional Black Eyed Peas

Talk about good down-home plain cooking, I make black eyed peas from time to time, and with New Year’s coming up (and a bag of peas I’ve been meaning to use up) now is the time~!

Cowboy Caviar Salad

I just recently learned the history of Cowboy Caviar – along with the original recipe. The earliest recipes were basically pickled black-eyed peas with a bit of onion and garlic! While we’ve come a long way since then with all kinds of… Read More