Freezer Friendly Burritos

Make ahead burritios for the freezer. Multiply out the recipe as needed and feel free to substitute other fillings for the refried beans.


  • 10 flour tortillas, 8 or 10
  • 3 1/3 to 5 cups refried beans (2 16 ounce cans or homemade, made from 1 pound dried beans)
  • 4 to 6 ounces grated cheese


Make sure, if using canned refried beans that the texture is spreadable. Mix in a little water if needed.
Lay out the tortillas and divide the refried beans among them placing the filling horizontally in a line, leaving edges free and using 1/3 cup of beans in each 8″ tortilla and 1/2 cup in 10″ tortillas. Add cheese on top, 1/4 cup for the 8″ and a little more for the 10″ tortillas.
Roll up each tortilla, tucking in the sides as you roll.
Place the tortillas on a sheet pan and freeze until firm, then add to a Ziploc, date, and label.’
Individually wrap in foil or plastic wrap, parchment or wax paper and then n foil. Date and label and freeze.
To reheat:
Unwrap, place on a plate and loosely cover. Microwave on 50 percent power for 1 1/2 minutes, then turn and continue to heat on full power for another minute to a minute and a half until heated through. If desired, place in a hot skillet sprayed with cooking spray and cook until browned. Flip over and do the same to the other side.


For 10 burritos using 8″ tortillas, you’ll need about 3 1/3 cups of filling, 1/3 cup per burrito, plus cheese.

For 10 burritos using 10″ tortillas, you’ll need about 5 cups of filling, 1/2 cup per burrito, plus cheese.

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