Perfect Instant Pot Rice

Perfect Instant Pot Rice

This is the BEST method for Instant Pot White Rice and works every time!


  • Rice and water in equal amounts
  • 1 tablespoon oil or butter per one to two cups of rice
  • 1 teaspoon salt per cup of rice, or as desired


To a strainer large enough to hold the rice with enough room to swish it around, add the rice. Place the strainer with the rice into a bowl larger than the strainer. Run tepid water over the rice while swishing the rice around and scraping it against the strainer. When the bowl fills, empty and repeat the process five more times for a total of six times, or until the water in the bowl is clear.

Lift the rice from the bowl and allow to drain. A few dribbles are fine, but no streams of water. Add to the instant pot. Add a tablespoon of oil for a cup or two of dry rice, a little more if cooking a larger amount. Add salt, a teaspoon per cup or to taste. Add an equal amount of tepid water (neither warm or cool) stir once only.

Add the lid and seal, press the rice function. When the rice is finished, allow to go to keep warm for five minutes and five minutes only. Open the lid, releasing any remaining pressure if necessary. Remove the liner with the rice from the pot and fluff with a large fork.


I use a thin metal spatula to remove the rice from the Instant Pot. The rice is somewhat delicate when first done and the spatula helps keep it from mushing and does a great job of scraping the rice up out of the deep pan.

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