Shortcut Chicken Fajitas

Super easy and fast, shortcut these fajitas with already cooked chicken. Great for using leftovers.

This easy Shortcut Chicken Fajita recipe is super easy and fast!




Add olive oil to a large skillet and heat to medium-high heat. Add the peppers &  onion and cook until they have just started to soften. Sprinkle with seasonings, about two teaspoons of fajita seasoning or the herbs and spices. Toss and turn the heat up until vegetables are just very slightly charred in places.

Immediately, add the quarter cup of water and the chicken and toss together until the chicken and vegetables are all coated and the liquid has evaporated, about a minute.

Remove from heat and squeeze the half lime over the mixture.

Serve with the rest of the lime, Cilantro Lime Rice and Tortillas along with any garnishes of choice.


Recipe may easily be doubled, but don’t double the spices; just add a little bit more of each.

This recipe is a part of my Meal Prep series and relies on cooked chicken. If you’d like to cook your chicken with this meal, use about 4 ounces per person. Slice the chicken and cook in oil before the vegetables are added. Cook the vegetables and then continue on with the recipe, adding cooked chicken in towards the end, as stated.


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