Poached Eggs in the Microwave

Fast & fabulous, you’ll never want to go back to the old fashioned way to poach your eggs!


  • 1 egg cold from fridge
  • 1/2 cup cold (from the tap) water
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar


Place water and vinegar in a microwave-safe container, preferably a one-cup Pyrex measuring cup. Another container may be used as long as the egg is covered with water but may affect timing.

Gently crack egg and add the egg to the cup. Loosely cover with a small plate or saucer. Place in the center of the microwave tray and microwave on high for approximately 50 seconds to a minute. Remove immediately with a slotted spoon as the egg will continue to cook if left in the water.  (see note)

To cook additional eggs, start with fresh water each time or the timing will be off; the water, if left in the cup and reused will vary in amount and start off hotter for each egg; that will thow off the timing.

To hold poached eggs, simply place on a plate and cover with a shallow bowl. To reheat, if needed, place in hot tap water in a shallow bowl.

Note: Small variables, the size of the egg, size of the container, amount of water or vinegar and strength of the microwave can change timing. Be precise in measuring. The first time this method is used, be prepared to experiment and have extra eggs on hand.

Using a one cup pyrex measuring cup, one-half cup of water and one teaspoon of vinegar, in my microwave:

  • 1 extra-large egg takes 53 seconds
  • 1 large egg takes 51 seconds

(Note: there were several reports on Pinterest that the egg took two minutes and one that the egg took a minute and a half.)


I teaspoon vinegar is the same as the cap on a standard glass vinegar bottle.

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