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Hasselback au Gratin Potatoes

These potatoes are cheesy & crunchy on the top, creamy deliciousness on the bottom!

I have a little secret. I’ve been holding out on you. See, I’ve been making these Hasselback Scalloped Potatoes for months now and never posted them. They’re amazing, they’re gorgeous and they’re amazing. Oh, I said that already. Well, I can’t say it enough.

Hasselback au Gratin Potatoes
Hasselback au Gratin Potatoes

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Cheesy Au Gratin Potato Stacks

I’ve been tortured and tantalized for months now with photos and videos of Potato Stacks on Pinterest and Facebook. I was having serious potato envy. I was like, “I want I want I want!!” And finally, I took the leap. Cheesy Au Gratin Potato Stacks. Yum.

Cheesy Au Gratin Potato Stackers
Cheesy Au Gratin Potato stacks

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