School Lunches – What I Learned by Checking the Data.

School lunches have been on my mind lately, especially with all the attention garnered by the USDA on their guidelines or school lunches, and the “Obama” law. Keep in mind, here, that I was, for most of my children’s life, a working parent. My meals weren’t perfect then and still aren’t now, but I do believe in balance. Oh, yeah, and full disclosure. Continue reading School Lunches – What I Learned by Checking the Data.

One Day’s Breakfast Menu in our School District

Let’s do breakfast 1st:  here’s the actual menu – parenthesis are my notes.  The school district claims that all items are listed on the menus and that all nutritional information is under their nutritional heading.  This is absolutely untrue.  It took me hours to look up the ACTUAL information – what parent has the time?
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One Day’s Lunch Menu in our School District

Here’s the school lunch menu – breakfast was so good, I wouldn’t miss lunch for the world! I would have hoped that the nutritional information on the school’s website would have been more forth-coming but it was pretty hit and miss.
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Chile Rellanos

Chile Rellanos have always topped my list of favorite Mexican/South Western type meals. A mild poblano, artfully stuffed with a mixture of cheeses, dipped in an egg white batter and served over a bed of sweet/sour sauce is something I crave to this day.

Chile Rellanos, Old Fashioned
Chile Rellanos, Old Fashioned

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Stuffed Vegetables with Bulgar & Parmesan Toast

Eat seasonally – you hear it all the time, and but the weirdest thing about it is that one person is credited for the “movement.” Thank you Alice Waters for all you’ve done in the restaurant world, but let’s face it, housewives and home cooks have been doing this for centuries, often with little choice.

Stuffed Vegetables
Stuffed Vegetables

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Happy Holidays

Hope everyone has had a happy Holiday and an equally happy New Year’s!  I’ve gotten a little unexpected gift – computer virus, and being the frugal one, am attempting to fix it myself with the help of my older and wiser brother.  I may be awhile!  He didn’t say this, but I have a feeling that him attempting to lead me to fix my computer long distance is a little like herding cats!  He’s ever so patient, but I’m ever so slow!  I’ll see you when I get this resolved.

Fruited Chicken Salad

This is an oldie but a goodie that’s been passed around for decades. It’s incredibly good, cheap to make & everyone seems to like it. Best of all, the simple ingredients are available year round almost every where, and it’s a great use for left over chicken.

Fruited Chicken Salad
Fruited Chicken Salad

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