Taco Night Casserole

What can I say about this casserole? All the appeal of tacos combined with a nacho like topping, hearty, with vegetables and added fiber from the beans? I tried it, thinking my teenager would like it. I was wrong, he loved it. A little salsa, a few slices of avocado and a dab of sour … Read More


The Ultimate Macaroni & Cheese with Herb Breadcrumb Topping

Casseroles (Main Dish)

I used to not “get” casseroles. Cook food, mix it together and cook again? Now I “get” pulling the steaming pan full of deliciousness out of the oven, plopping on the table and calling “dinner!”  All the below are (imho) outstanding and many have a special “twist” or two.

White Bean Dip with Herbs

Dried Beans Peas & Chickpea Leftovers

A smidge of cooked dried beans or a tupper of peas or lentils might not seem like it’s even worthwhile saving. Think about transforming these nutritional power horses into something marvelous. Here’s some inspiration on how to use up your Dried Beans, Peas & Chickpea Leftovers.    Keep in mind your dried beans, peas & … Read More

Best Hot Chocolate Double Chocolate, Cocoa, real chocolate. cream

My Top Favorite Recipes

Every January, I post out what are your favorite recipes on my site on my New & Old post. The ones that are the most popular and it is always a surprise! And of course, it gives me a lot of insight into what “you” might be looking for in a recipe. The problem is, … Read More

Swedish Pancakes with Blueberry Compote

Recipes for Mother’s Day

When I started gathering recipes for Mother’s Day, there were so many things I wanted to include. Finally, I narrowed it down to what I’d love to have someone cook for me. Dishes with enough flair (and maybe even a little “chi chi”) to be special that are still very do-able. And then I tried … Read More