Oven Braised Pork with Root Vegetables

Oven Braised Pork with Root Vegetables

Are you kinda set on the idea that pot roast should be made with beef? I was. And what a mistake that could have been. One of our new favorite winter meals is now Oven Braised Pork with Root Vegetables, a comfy, homey dish, full of potatoes and carrots and the most succulent pork you … Read More


Yucatan Pork Stew Instant Pot or Not

Yucatan Pork Stew Instant Pot or Not

Here’s a new to me soup that you might like, too. Yucatan Pork Stew Instant Pot or Not. You might be familiar with Taco Soup or Sopa de Lima. They’re kind of relatives & share some of the same qualities as this Yucatan Pork Stew Instant Pot or Not.

Pork & Mushroom Ragu

Pork & Mushroom Ragu

Hi guys! I try not to post more than once a day, but today I wanted to hook you up with one of the dishes I make from the marvelous Sweet & Sour Country Style Ribs I put out earlier. This Pork & Mushroom Ragu is a beautiful thing. The flavor is intense, the sauce … Read More

Three Cheese Enchiladas with Braised Pork & Ranchero Sauce

Three Cheese Enchiladas with Braised Pork & Ranchero Sauce

My friend, Sandy told me about Three Cheese Enchiladas with Braised Pork & Ranchero Sauce, a dish she had at one of our local restaurants. And I tried it and went a little nuts over it myself. Then the restaurant sadly started to go downhill and I decided I just was going to have to make … Read More

Pork Main Dishes and Entrees

Pork, ham and sausages are some of the most inexpensive meat proteins one can buy; not only delicious but very versatile. Some of the higher end cured pork products may be pricier but can pack such a flavor punch a little goes a long way. Over the years, any recipe that uses a prepared ham … Read More

Apple Braised Green Cabbage

This is one of my go to sides when I serve Pork Chops – slightly sweet and a bit tart, it has none of the overwhelming pungency of the Red Cabbage Braises that are so popular today.

Large Pork Roast (Boston Butt/Shoulder)

I talked awhile back about how I like to use Bone In Chicken Breasts and get the most out of them – here’s another favorite budget cut of mine – the Pork Butt or Boston Shoulder. Succulent and delicious, and downright cheap this is a cut that’s often overlooked by consumers.

Mexican Shredded Pork or Beef

Mexican Shredded Pork or Beef

Hands down one of our favorite family recipes, this Mexican Shredded Pork or Beef has it all. Flavor, as much or as little heat as you want, and a lot of versatility. Make Tacos, Flautas, Tostadas, or Burritos, just to get started. Best of all, Mexican Shredded Pork or Beef is super easy; braise it … Read More

Apple Glazed Stuffed Pork Chops

The slightly sweet, slightly tart apple brings out the best in pork, and a child, we often had applesauce with our pork chops. Sometimes we had stuffing with our pork chops (raise your hand if your Mom jumped on the Stove Top Stuffing when it was introduced in 1972.) It’s safe to say, though, we … Read More

Minnesota Cassoulet "Bean Pot"

Minnesota Cassoulet “Bean Pot”

It’s easy to always think about St. Paul & Minneapolis, the Twin Cities, as a Swedish/Norwegian city and we do have a large population. Maybe our weather made them feel at home. But it’s just as easy to forget that our earliest settlements were French and/or French Canadian. So in honor of our French, here’s … Read More

5 Years a Blogger! Happy Anniversary, Blog!

My blogging story: It all started with a cookbook I made for my daughter. After she left home and about the same time she started her family, I decided to put our family recipes into a book and bind it. It turns out my daughter didn’t use it much; she was more interested in getting … Read More

Best Hot Chocolate Double Chocolate, Cocoa, real chocolate. cream

My Top Favorite Recipes

Every January, I post out what are your favorite recipes on my site on my New & Old post. The ones that are the most popular and it is always a surprise! And of course, it gives me a lot of insight into what “you” might be looking for in a recipe. The problem is, … Read More

The New & The Old – 2018 Greatest Hits Post

Happy New Year’s, everyone! I’m looking back to what’s just been a crazy year for me! It was actually October of 2017 that I came back home after an extensive time caring for my folks and it took more out of me than I realized, the emotional and especially the physical labor of it all. … Read More

Shepherds Pie from Leftover Pot Roast

Shepherds Pie from Leftover Pot Roast

Do you love Shepherd’s Pie? Or Cottage Pie? It’s been a fave of mine since I was a kid. I have a recipe on my site made from ground beef, but the Shepherd’ Pie that will have me running to the kitchen (and the family running to the table) is this one: Shepherds Pie from … Read More

That Old Lipton Onion Soup Pot Roast Recipe

That Old Lipton Onion Soup Pot Roast Recipe

Not too long ago, I posted out the recipes I have on my site that were made with Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix. Or rather, my Homemade Onion Soup Mix recipe. There were quite a few more than I thought I had on my site, but there was one glaring omission. I’ve never posted it because … Read More

Rick Bayless Brick Red Mole over Shredded Beef Barbacoa Enchiladas

Rick Bayless Brick Red Mole & Beef Enchiladas

Cinco de Mayo is almost upon us, the day that commemorates the victory of the Mexican army over the French near the city of Puebla on 5 May 1862. In the U.S., Cinco de Mayo is a day to celebrate Mexican culture. If you know me, you gotta know that I’m down with that & I … Read More

Roasted Sweet Potato & Brussels Sprouts

These Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts are pretty special. Roasted to perfection, they’re gorgeous as is, but you’ll want to take these one step further: Finish them off with a sweet, tart White Balsamic Vinaigrette.

The New & The Old – 2017 Greatest Hits Post

Happy New Year’s ya’all! And I’m saying that because I’m in Georgia (whoo-hoo) visiting my daughter and family.  Unfortunately, I may have bought some Minnesota cold with me, though friends back home say there’s still plenty there to go around! It was minus 17 last night in the Twin Cities, with snow on the ground.

Queso Fresco

Queso Fresco, Fresh Cheese, is a wonderful creamy cheese, and SO misunderstood. Queso Fresco is often confused with Queso Blanco, White Cheese, another soft, crumbly Mexican cheese. As a matter of fact, some “experts” say they are the same – and some say they are different. They are, after all, both white, both fresh, both crumble.

German Beef Rouladen, Mushroom Gravy

German Beef Rouladen, Mushroom Gravy

My Mom (rest her soul) was a fantastic cook. Sure, she got sidetracked into the weirdness in the ’60s, Porcupine Balls, Tuna Casserole and Shake and Bake, but later found her “groove.” These German Beef Rouladen, Mushroom Gravy were a family favorite and a labor of love. Believe me, I know, having made them multiple … Read More

Make Ahead for the Freezer

A menu of some of my favorite (over 50) make ahead meals (or portions of), sides and other items that freeze well. Click on the tag “freezes well” when you see it on a recipe – it will lead you to others! Note: When storing in plastic, only fill plastic with cooled to room temperature ingredients … Read More

Cuban Ropa Vieja - Shredded Beef

Beef Main Dishes & Meals

Beef can be a budget buster; look for cuts that can be stretched with sides, cuts that can come to the table more than once & great sales. Many dishes may be made with more than one type of beef.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Sweet Sour Sauce

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Sweet Sour Sauce

My sister suggested Stuffed Cabbage Rolls for a blog post, and yeah, I turned up my nose at the idea at first. Then the idea slowly percolated, until these Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Sweet Sour Sauce manifested on my table. They were just the thing this cold spring day. The long, slow braise warmed up my kitchen and the smell wafting … Read More

Proteins – what prices to “buy at” and how to use in budget planning

I’m really talking about the animal proteins here:  Meat, Poultry, Fish, etc, but don’t forget you have protein in dairy, beans, peas, legumes, nuts and grains, even some vegetables. You’ll recognize some of the 12 strategies her in my discussions about buying using and buying meat, especially when you scroll down to see my pricing and notes on storage … Read More