Iowa Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

The Iowa Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

My Iowa Pork Tenderloin Sandwich came about from a challenge. I recently came under some “friendly fire” from Ginger of Ginger&Bread. She threw the kitchen mitt down with a challenge, given innocently enough. It went something like, “Why don’t you make a recipe of German origin as it is made in the States, and I’ll … Read More


Pork Main Dishes and Entrees

Pork, ham, and sausages are some of the most inexpensive meat proteins one can buy; not only delicious but very versatile. Some of the higher end cured pork products may be pricier but can pack such a flavor punch a little goes a long way. Over the years, any recipe that uses a prepared ham … Read More

Make Your Own Hummus & Vegetarian Wraps

Hummus, here in the US, is often spelled as shown, but I suspect this is a phonetic rendering and in most areas of the world is spelled just like Elaine over at Foodbod does, Homous. See, Elaine and I got to talking about Hummus/Homous after Ginger from Ginger & Bread and I did dual posts … Read More

German Beef Rouladen, Mushroom Gravy

German Beef Rouladen, Mushroom Gravy

My Mom (rest her soul) was a fantastic cook. Sure, she got sidetracked into the weirdness in the ’60s, Porcupine Balls, Tuna Casserole and even Shake and Bake, but later found her “groove.” These German Beef Rouladen, Mushroom Gravy were a family favorite and a labor of love. Believe me, I know, having made them … Read More

Chicken Fried Steak with Country Gravy

Chicken Fried Steak with Country Gravy

It’s often said by “experts” in the field of nutrition that there are no “bad” foods, but I do have to wonder about Chicken Fried Steak – it just tastes so darned good! A huge fave of Child Number Two, Kraid, who has to have it when his birthday rolls around. I pull out the cast … Read More