Chocolate Cherry Scones – Guest Post

Hi everyone! Today’s post is a bit different because it’s a Guest Post for Suzanne at APugintheKitchen. If you haven’t met Suzanne, you should. She’s a fantastic cook and baker extraordinaire, involved in all kinds of good endeavors, inherently generous and kind. Of course, there’s her pug Percy who gets to make a featured appearance every now and then, too!

Percy – one pampered pooch!

So I’ve made Chocolate Cherry Scones, based on a King Arthur recipe, and Suzanne will be sharing them along with the recipe on her blog. So go visit Suzanne and see the recipe and say hello!

I remember the first time I ran across Suzanne. I can tell you it was around the 29th of August, 2014. I know this because she had posted a recipe for her Lattice Aprium Tart. I have never been able to get that tart out of my mind, and I have yet to make it!

I think that day was one of the first times I ever commented on a food blog. And so I credit Suzanne for my “coming out” as a blogger. It wasn’t long before her involvement in Fiesta Friday rubbed off on me, and I post something there almost every week. It’s made me feel as if I’ve found my tribe! So thank you, Suzanne and I hope you like the scones! And thanks for all the nice comments!

Chocolate Cherry Scones


I’ll post this guest post to Fiesta Friday 210, hosted by Laurena @ Life Diet Health and Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook. So Jhuls and Laurene, you’ll have to stop by A Pug in the Kitchen to see it.

Dried Cherry & Chocolate Scones - use two different chocolates for the most amazing flavor combo with the dried cherries! These are going down as a family favorite!


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