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I’ve been using PinThemAll for my multiple image pinterest pins – it’s pretty easy and straightforward once you know a trick or two. The basic is free but the downside is that it leaves a watermark for pinthemall. I’m wondering how anyone else out there gets multiple image pins onto pinterest?

The first thing I do is try to have at least three good images on the post I want to build a pin from – My photography is weak, but I’m trying to learn to build up backgrounds and crop so I have at least one “taller” picture on each post.

Then I go to and make sure to choose the box that says “From a Web Page.” Sometimes there are “trick” boxes that take you to other sites. Ignore them.


Next, ignoring everything else, I put the url of the post into the box under Create Now Your Multiple Pics Pin.


That opens up a new box with all the photos from the post. Watch out if you have a blog that shows images that are slightly fogged over until your cursor rolls over them  – that doesn’t look good on the final pin. I try to go in order, but they don’t always turn out that way.

Don’t use more than two to three images – longer pins are effective, but really long ones? They just piss people off. No one wants to have to scroll and scroll and scroll to see your pin, and if they have to go back up to pin it – well they have to really want that pin.


At the bottom of the page, you’ll write your description of the pin – you don’t want to be too long, but try to catch attention. You’ll have two buttons to choose from and I always choose the one that allows me to rearrange the image; it’s on the right.


Then drag the images around to your liking. Hit the big green generate image button when you’re done.


That brings you to a new screen – warning – do not push the generate image button on this screen or you’ll start all over. If you want to pin, push the red pin it button. I haven’t used this yet for the other options like facebook.


On this screen, you’ll want to make a couple of edits and then choose which board to pin your pin on and pin it. You will want to make at least two edits here, but you will have another chance and need to make another edit after it is pinned. You’ll need to be quick once it’s pinned so it can be edited before anyone else pins it, so it’s best to edit here, on this screen, first.

Push the edit button and under this section:

  • Remove the url for pin the mall that follows your description.
  • Correct any punctuation marks that are turned into strange slashes.
  • Edit your description if it is cut off.


Once the edit is done, pin it. Now you will get a quick flash that says see it now. If you can grab that (it’s quick and I couldn’t even get a screen shot of it) push it and edit right away! If not, you’ll have to go to pinterest and grab your pin and edit it.


The edit you want to make now, before anyone else picks up your pin, the most important one, is to change the URL that directs people to go to pinthemall when they click on your pin. I replace the url and then save.

I then check to make sure the description is just how I want it, make corrections and make sure my url is correct in the description and save a second time. I don’t make the changes all at once because I don’t want to risk anyone repinning before I get MY url on the pin.


There’s my pin, all done.


You can see it has the pinthemall watermark on it. It costs $9.99 a month or $99 a year to upgrade with no watermark.


I hope this is helpful to someone – and if anyone knows a better way, preferably a free way, to build pins I’d appreciate it. This isn’t a “perfect” solution for me because of the watermark, but works pretty well and my pins seem to be more effective than they were.

8 thoughts on “Create Muliple Image Pins with Pinthemall

    • Several people (including Angie from Fiesta Friday) have said they use picmonkey, which doesn’t leave a watermark. I just made my first pin, and it’s more time consuming, but I’ll post on that next! In the meantime, I’m glad you liked the idea! For about two minutes work and an easy do, I think it’s worthwhile!

  1. Interesting! I mostly Pin from outside Pinterest to my boards and this might be fun now and again. I do post photos from my own blog and doing several at once might make them more noticeable. Thank you!

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