Happy New Years, everyone! I’ve been traveling and am finally back home and rested up and raring to go. One of my resolutions? To blog more regularly. I started this for my daughter who complained all my recipes were so expensive to make, and I realized that she’d left home never learning how to economically shop for food. Who could have guessed how much fun blogging has been, how it’s grown over the years, and how many friends I’ve met!

Speaking of which, I recently came across a blogger who has impressed me with her cooking, energy and positive attitude – even better, she has a great story and a dog, both surefire ways to get my attention. 🙂 Those who know me know I’m a bit overly enamored of my own Canine American…

Reagan the Recipe Hoarder
Reagan the Recipe Hoarder


Stop by and see Reagan the Recipe Hoarder, introduce yourself, and let her know if you have a great burger recipe you’d like to have included in her Burger Round Up. She doesn’t want to link to you without your permission! I can’t wait to see whether she’ll pick my Bomb Baked Hamburgers or my Sparrow Veggie Burgers. Maybe both?? lol.

Speaking of Canine Americans, here’s a photo of Gibson on our Christmas visit to Georgia…I can’t wait to share some of the great recipes shown to me by my Sister in Law (the one who taught me how to make the best greens and how to microwave asparagus) and I have to mention the pie I helped the kids (my Daughter and Son in Law) bake. Last year my daughter showed me a great casserole and her home-made yogurt and my son in law made oven roasted burgers.

But back to the pie: I didn’t get to taste it but it had a caramel apple filling and I was a bit jealous it was whisked away to another household. This time I’ll make it here, and I’ll be sure to get a taste! Coming soon!

Gibson at Lake Hartwell – All this water, Mom, and I’m not swimming? Just so you know, Yes, he did get to swim! It was a bit of a shock for him when we got back to Minnesota and minus 3!
Gibson at Lake Hartwell – All this water, Mom, and I’m not swimming? Just so you know, Yes, he did get to swim! It was a bit of a shock for him when we got back to Minnesota and minus 3!

9 Comments on “Burger Recipe Round Up

    • You know what I need now? A great post from a fitness trainer on how to lose the weight after a few weeks of indulgence! I always have a big idea that this is the year I’m going to get into shape and all my big plans go kaput after about three weeks.

      I always think if I didn’t think so big I’d do better! Set smaller goals, even if it is just getting back to preholiday weight. I’ve also noticed as I’ve gotten older, even not gaining weight seems to be a struggle for my friends and myself, let along losing it!! How would you like to do a post with a few encouraging and motivational tactics addressing this issue?

      I loved your post on 10 minute excercise! 🙂 Maybe I can have my pie and eat it, too? *g*

  1. Welcome back! I knew someone was missing. Looking fwd to your great posts. By the way, great doggie! I wish you a fab 2015.

    • Thanks! And it’s fun to travel, but always good to be back home! Gibson really is my “baby” and I’m not entirely sure than I’m not more his human than he is my dog! 🙂

    • Thanks, he is such a joy to me! By the way, I noticed you have two fantastic looking burgers on your site – would you like to drop by Reagan’s site and offer them to include in the round up of recipes she’s putting together? The Bahn Miand the Turkey sliders both look fantastic…

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