You may argue that desserts aren’t necessarily frugal or good for you. I’ll argue that sometimes you need a little something to feed the soul as well as the body. I’ll be adding to my collection of family favorites over time.

009Apple Cake with Rum Sauce: Similar to a Sticky Toffee Pudding, the top is a little browned and crunchy, the inside moist, dense. The soaks into the top as the rest pools around it on the plate.

apple crispApple Crisp, Dulce de Leche & Streusel: A step up from the classic Apple Crisp and just as easy, but with a few twists and a little surprise or two! Portable, too, if you’d like to sneak one away.

Black and White Biscotti: Chocolate and VanillaBlack & White Biscotti: Half chocolate, half vanilla…Biscotti are frugal by nature, but so delicious. They’re perfect for someone who wants just a bit of something sweet. They make a great gift!

028Rich & Chewy Brownies: Deep, dark chocolate, with or without additional chocolate chunks. These are a bit homely, but make up what they lack in looks by their intensely chocolate taste. Have milk on hand!

070Bosc Pears with Balsamic Reduction: Here’s a dessert one doesn’t have to feel too guilty about! Use the best Balsamic and you won’t be disappointed – but good even with a grocery store one.

Butterscotch Sauce: 021Here I’ve culled two of my favorites, one a bit easier, the other more traditional, both simply delicious. Very close to a Caramel Sauce and using most of the same ingredients.

Chocolate Pots de CremeChocolate Pots de Creme: These little custard like puddings are extremely rich and a perfect ending to an elegant meal. Just don’t tell anyone how easy this blender recipe is. A perfect recipe for a non-cook – these will be highly requested.

Chocolate Pots de CremeBest Home-Made Chocolate Pudding: Rich, silky, very chocolatly – comfort food! If you don’t love pudding, perhaps you’ve never tried home-made? Simply a world of difference.

Cracked Black Pepper and Honey Dew Sorbet in Popsicle formCracked Black Pepper & Honeydew Sorbet: Make as a sorbet or popsicles, this is a guilt free treat all summer long and easy to make. The pepper may sound strange but cuts the sweetness and dances off the tongue!

001Fregolata Tart with Jam and Almonds: Simply the best tart you’ll ever make, and the easiest. One bowl, press in dough, spread with jam and a nut of your choice. Truly simple ingredients transformed.

055Fresh Strawberry Sorbet: I feel sorry for anyone who’s never tasted a concoction like this: the strawberry flavor is literally amazing…the color is deep and gorgeous, the sorbet almost creamy.

apple crispFruit Crisp, any kind: While apple is the classic, crisps can be made with many fruits and berries. Change it up with the seasons and enjoy this homey, simple  pleasure more often.

037Inner Sanctum Flourless Chocolate Cake: Don’t let the looks of this cake deceive you – this is by far one of the most decadent (and easy) chocolate cakes you’ll ever make. This is our family’s go to cake.

Intensely Chocolate SyrupIntensely Chocolate Syrup: Beautifully dark, sweet without being overwhelming, this is a wonderful dessert sauce. It also makes a wonderful chocolate milk or hot chocolate. Make it in minutes.

Lemon Thyme PopsiclesLemon Thyme Popsicles: Long a family favorite, this little recipe makes the creamiest, dreamiest popsicle with only four ingredients. The thyme is more suited for adults, so leave it out if you’re in doubt.

Pumpkin BreadPumpkin Bread: This is my Grandmother’s Pumpkin Bread, easy, simple and perfect, but sometimes we dress it up with a bit of sauce and a dab of whipped cream. Recipe makes two loaves, 1 to keep, 1 to give.

Shortcakes: 010These are simply lovely, almost a scone and close in taste to a “cream biscuit.” Do not confuse these with some Bisquick drop biscuit. These are absolutely divine.

046Sour Cherry Compote: A little tart and not too sweet, this Sour Cherry Compote will make you rethink what Cherries are all about. Not only is this a fantastic dessert sauce, it is tart enough to go savory.

061Spider Cake – A delicious corn bread with a creamy custard center, great as a savory bread on a special occasion, but its slight sweetness lends itself well to a brunch dish or even a casual dessert.

Three Berry ShortcakeThree Berry Shortcakes: This is our tried and true dessert for Independence Day…not only are they the perfect over the top dessert for a summer party, they are a festive red, white and blue.

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