Fruit and some veggies - usually goes in Spa Water.


Too often, beverages are an afterthought! They’re a great way to bring everyone together and make things feel special, whether it’s a hot summer day on the deck or a cool winter night by the fire. Don’t save special drinks just for company!

Irish CremeBailey’s Irish Cream Copycat: This one is a bit different than most, but I also have the old standby recipe here, too. I “reverse engineered” the whole works and it tastes fantastic!

Fall Spiced Tea xx

Fall Spiced Tea: This recipe is a family favorite – sipped hot or served cold as a punch, it is pretty incredible with its mulled spices, tea and pear juice.  It’s easy to riff with whatever’s on hand.

Frozen Frappe xFrozen Coffee Frappes: (like McDonald’s only better) Made in a blender with frozen cubes of coffee, a little condensed milk and plain old milk. Wonderful made with flavored coffee, and adults might wish to add a touch of a favorite liquor.

Green Smoothies xGreen Smoothies: Hippocrates lived around 460 B.C.; amazing, isn’t that we still haven’t learned this lesson – at least I always need to keep reminding myself! One thing I think I do right?  These babies.

horchata xHorchata: I was introduced late in life to this lovely, light and refreshing beverage – don’t make the same mistake! Super easy to make at home from common ingredients. Perfect with Mexican food.

orange julias xOrange “Julias”: A copycat recipe of the famous mall stand drinks, this is an intensely flavored smoothie that can be made in minutes. Perfect for a brunch and great in the summer.

Bloody Mary10Overnight Bloody Marys: So easy and the best flavor develops with a little time! Make a party of it and add plenty of garnishes and put out the hot sauce to doctor at will! Great for brunch, deck or pool parties.

Pumpkin Spice Latte xPumpkin Spice Latte:  A warm coffee drink blended with a little pumpkin puree and beautiful array of pumpkin pie spices. Amazingly inexpensive to make at home and far better than anything out!

Spa Water on a Budget xSpa Water on a Budget: Add appropriate trimmings, seeds, cores, hulls, etc. to a mason jar, fill with water and place in the fridge to gently infuse for a day or a few days. Such a cheap treat!

cider1Warm Mulled Cider: Don’t save this for fall, think of it on any dreary, cold winter or early spring day. Great for an evening at home, to fill a thermos or for a party – spike with Calvados, if you dare! (Or tea!)

Whipped Cream xWhipped Cream for the Freezer: Whip some up (or use extra from a dessert) and dollop onto plastic. Freeze until firm, then store. Flavor as you wish. No waste, no additives.

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